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DT Facilities were called to attended a blocked drain in Canterbury, Kent. The home owner explained she had called several companies over the past two years as the drain kept blocking. The other companies attended cleared the drains and although they left it running away it wasn’t long before it started to run slow again. Eventually over flowing and causing a flood outside neighbouring properties.

After clearing the drain the home owner was offered a cctv drain survey to find the cause of the re occurring blockage. This was agreed and after making the safe the cleaning work started.

CCTV Drain Survey in Canterbury

CCTV Drain Survey in Canterbury

The camera survey started and we soon found the cause of the problem.

High pressure jetting was used to clean the drain and the customer was shocked at what was found.

As you can see from the pictures (below) there was a very large build up off fat and washing powered in the system, and without the drain camera survey and the drain descale the problem would of just happened again and again.

Glove in the picture shows the scale of the fat build up

On completion of the drain descale a full drain survey with DVD was provided for the customer and a twelve month guarantee on the drain in question was issued.

The customer was surprised we were happy to offer that length of guarantee on a drain.

Fat build up and washing power caused this huge deposit
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