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One of the most common questions we get asked is what has caused the blockage in my drains?

As drains don’t block for no reason we normally find its down to misuse, by misuse we mean

  • Wipes
  • grease
  • nappies
  • sanitary towels
  • condoms
  • ear buds
  • cotton face wipes

Then there is the items that are sold in the supermarkets that actually say flushable! The problem is they are not bio degradable, and as they enter the drainage system they do not break up causing all sorts of problems.

Drainage specialist attending blocked drains in Kent, can have trouble clearing blockages caused by the items above, due to the fact that they bunch up into a long sausage in the pipe work making it very difficult to clear.

 Then you get accidental damage blockages as listed below.

  • Root Ingress
  • Ground Movement
  • Accidental damage (fence post etc.)
  • Vehicle pressure (under a drive way)

We get many customers calling us with blocked drains in Kent, and on arrival to a property we always ask “do you have any idea what has caused the problem?”

99% of the time we are told “no idea!”, then on lifting the manhole we see it’s full of wipes or paper hand towels, it’s surprising how many blockages could be avoided if only sewage waste and toilet paper was flushed down the toilets in a property.

After a blockage is cleared is a good idea to have a drainage camera survey to check if there is any lasting damage to the drainage system.

Below you will see how bad a problem can get due to misuse, we were called by a customer who had blocked drains in Kent. On lifting the first manhole chamber the drains under pressure seem to explode all over the garden. The customer had been using baby wipes and had explained that the toilets had been flushing away slowly for a couple of days.

Sewage Flood blocked sewer

Blocked drains in Kent over flowing drain

The customer also reported noticing rats at the property, this would have been caused by the sewage attracting the vermin in while the sewage was building up in the system. Once the blockage was cleared we carried out a treatment for rats and the customer has reported back that there has been no signs of rats since our last visit to the property  

If you have blocked drains in Kent, call your local drainage specialist DT Facilities for a free no obligation quote

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