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What to do if you have a blocked drain

  With the amount of things we wash down our drains without a second thought, it is inevitable that the build-up will cause issues at some point down the line. In many cases, a drain cleaner purchased from a supermarket will suffice, but only for the short-term. Here, we will explore more about what to do if you have a blocked drain.   There are various non-professional options that you can explore, from hiring equipment from a tool store to trying to use a plunger to move on whatever is causing a block. However, in the majority of cases, it’s easier and much more time-efficient to call in the professionals. drain jetting kent   Blocked Drains Kent – calling in the professionals   There are many benefits that you do not even think about when choosing a professional to come and unblock your drains. Many times, people automatically rule out professional plumbers in Kent as they feel it will be too expensive, but here’s why this isn’t always the case:   1)      Sink un-blockers cost about £5 per use and only temporally fix what is likely to be an on-going issue. If you use one bottle every two months that is £30 you’re spending on drain cleaning products. 2)      Taking on the issue yourself will take up your time, more time than it would take a professional. This is time you could be doing other things with. 3)      Taking on work by yourself could mean you cause damage to the drain, which may require professional drain repair or another service like drain cleaning.   Why should you choose DT Facilities Kent?   As leading Kent plumbers, DT Facilities is one of the leading blocked drains Kent specialists. A cost-effective company with over 15 years of experience in this industry, DT Facilities also offers a number of other services as well, which means they can be your home maintenance company in Kent.  
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