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Blocked drains Whitstable Kent

  A local surveyor that looks after some properties in Whitstable called into the office today as they had one of their rented properties where the drains were blocked and backing up into the toilets. The manholes on site were over flowing causing a serious hazard as there were young children on site. We sent a drainage engineer out on an emergency basis as the information given was there is sewage seeping out of the manholes and there are children on site On arrival we found several manholes blocked on site running through three rear gardens, the drainage system was cleared using high pressure water jetting. A look see camera survey was then carried out. The findings were that the pipe work under the lawn had dropped causing an area of water to hold, grease then builds up in the area of holding water and eventually the drains start to block. In this case, drain lining is not an option so a DVD of the drains was provided to the surveyor, and a written quote to excavate the damage drain was Provided. The tenants asked if they could still use the drains, we explained that we would jet the drains through to remove the grease build up so they could continue to use there facilities until the excavation work was carried out and the damaged drain repaired. The following day we was called by the owner and advised to carry out the excavation work to the drainage system, the pipe work was replaced with UPVC pipe. the levels of the drain were taken before and  after to confirm there was enough fall between the two drains. On completion a further cctv drainage survey was carried out to check the pipe work.   If you have blocked drains Whitstable,Herne bay,Faversham or Canterbury contact us today for a free on obligation quote.
Blocked drain Whitstable

Blocked drain in Whitstable

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