Sometimes the best solution is for excavation. We’ll make sure that interruption is kept to a minimum.

Drains are quite sensitive and fragile, and are also very important to have in our homes. Domestic drains deserve the very best care and repair services, and DT Facilities are able to offer this kind of service. All our drain repair services include complete solutions to the problem, along with the work of experienced engineers, and all work complies with all the appropriate legislation currently in place.

Drain excavation in Kent

Excavating drains is always a last resort for us, because we know that it does cause some disruption to the home. However, if we have to excavate the drains this means it is totally unavoidable and we will do it to the best of our ability, in a professional manner and complying with all health and safety regulations.

Excavation also includes water mains, the clean water pipe work that comes into the property, which sometimes leaks or burst. We excavate to replace these.



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Affordable, Local and fully qualified plumbers, drainage engineers and pest control technicians

Professional approach

All our engineers have years of experience and have developed expertise that makes them one of the best teams in the local area. They have worked for years on drains around the area, and know exactly what to do to ensure that the job is done properly and with the minimum of disruption to your home and daily life.

The latest equipment

We use the very latest equipment to bring the complete professional solution to your home. This allows us to make a complete repair and replacement to any drains that we find in our excavations, and it also means that we provide a service that brings the minimum disruption to your home.

Health and Safety compliance

All our engineers have been trained so that they are completely in compliance with all health and safety regulations and any other legislation that is appropriate to the task and processes. No job is too small for us, we can bring in traditional excavations and repairs from a small gulley drain repair project to excavating the drains across the property.


Friendly approach

All our engineers are friendly and approachable, and they’ll do their best to bring you peace of mind while they are on your property. They know you don’t want technical language, and they give you a full report on what is going on in your property so that you feel in control and at ease.

Quick and efficient

We bring you the quickest and most efficient service in the local area. No time wasting is involved, instead we work to meet your needs quickly, so that we don’t mess up your day on your week. We keep it quick and simple, because our customers like it that way.

No mess, no hassles

Why not get in touch with us today to find out how we can perform drain excavation work on your property professionally and discreetly. We leave no mess, and ensure that all the work is done well and guaranteed.

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