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Having a blocked or damaged drain or sewer pipe can be a major problem. In fact, it can completely disrupt your day-to-day life, potentially for weeks if the drain is a large one.

Drain lining in Kent

A blocked drain means your WC and washing facilities being stopped, extensive work being carried out while you wait at home; possibly missing days off work yourself. And it means a dirty big hole on your property, with a lot of mess, all of it taking weeks to get back to normal.

Or does it?



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DT Facilities offer something different. Our skilled team provides a comprehensive drain lining service that removes all of the stress and the worry from the equation.

How it works

Rather than digging up a big hole in your drive, for example, and then spending hours repairing the drain work, DT Facilities prefer to use a more sensible approach. We re-line the drain with the latest bonding material that fits neatly inside the pipework creating a ‘pipe within a pipe’. It’s clean, it’s quick, and means minimum disruption to your property and your life. And, most importantly, we don’t dig. We get to the pipework using the home’s original access points (manholes). Then, using a special liner we line the inside of the affected pipework. Water pressure causes the resin inside the liner to harden and stick to the inside of the existing pipework, creating a second pipe within the original pipe.

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No digging

There is no excavation required, no matter how big the problem. We use water pressure to get the lining established inside the pipework, no matter how wide the pipework, or how deep the problem is.

The latest technology

This technology was first introduced in the 1990s and not everyone has the expertise or experience to use it. We do, and we ensure that you benefit from the cutting edge of drain repair technology in the quickest and most professional way possible.

Friendly Service

We know how distressing having bad drain work can be, especially as it can mean a disruption to your utilities. Our teams are friendly and caring, and will talk you through the process as they do it, with no jargon or fuss.

Quick and efficient

There’s nothing worse than spending hours off work as someone digs up your drive. This new technology, alongside our expertise, ensures you get a drain repair in the shortest time possible, allowing you to get on with your life.

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