Problem with roots in your drains? Cut it out!

We all love our gardens, and one of the best things about having a garden is having trees and bushes that take root and help to bring peace and tranquillity to our outdoor living spaces. However, sometimes they can be unwelcome and end up taking root in the wrong places. This happens when a tree, for example, takes root in a drain.

Our drains need to be working 24-hours a day if they are to ensure that our home has running water and sanitation services. If a tree takes root in a drain, it can cause massive problems and lead to massive repair bills. Once a tree root has penetrated the draining area there is guaranteed to be a blockage. If a tree root is allowed to take hold, then you are looking at a blocked drain which will lead to further costs as you work to get it unblocked and bring proper water supplies and sanitation back to your home. This could lead to thousands of pounds in expenses.

Leave it to DT facilities to ensure that we provide expert services in root cutting for drains.

We can cut away the root and remove it rather than just damaging it so that water flows through it. Only a complete cutting and removal of the root of the tree will solve your problem, and we are happy to say we have the solution.


Please enter your telephone number and an engineer will call you straight back and we’ll aim to get to you as soon as possible.

Usual response rate 5-10 min

We’re not deterred by the presence of tree roots in your drains. We’ll work to ensure that no damage is done to the tree. After all, it’s not their fault!

We use specialist root cutting equipment to quickly eliminate the problem with your drain. We do this with no fuss, little disruption to your day and quickly allowing you to get back to your day.

Not only can we sort the problem out for you we’ll also provide you with comprehensive help and advise to prevent future occurrences.


Our engineers are fully trained in this new technology, and they will bring you quick and efficient root cutting so that your drains will become safe from blockage.

Technology at its best

We use the latest root cutting blade technology, and this technology is effective at cutting roots of any size within any space. This guarantees a solution to your problem quickly and easily.

Friendly service

Our engineers are friendly and are happy to talk to you about the process they are carrying out on your home. That means no jargon and no fuss. And you have complete control of the process.

No mess

Our engineers will ensure that the area of your home that they are working on is clear of any mess. This allows you to get on with the rest of your day, knowing that your drains are safe, and the problem has been removed.

Tree roots in your Kent drains? DT Facilities can repair your drain, cut away the root and prevent it from happening again.

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