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As the summer ends and we start to get more rain and a change in the weather, at DT facilities we notice the calls for wasp nest removal fall and a sharp increase in calls for gutters that are over flowing when it rains.

There is the odd occasion the blockage is in the down pipe itself, the next most common blockage is in the pipe work from where the down pipe joins the ground through to the soak away.

But far the most common issue we find when the rain water gutters start to over flow is the soak is not taking the water it should. Soak-away’s suffer from roots that invade from any trees near by growing into them, the moss off the roof of the property and then just general mud washes into the system.

Building a new soak-away

Once it’s been established that a new soak away is needed, the only means of repair is excavation.

This means renewing the bottom bend underground where the down pipe connects, then a further five metres of new pipe work, all ran into a new soak away. Soak-away’s normally are made up of stone/shingle or some install large crates. Once the new system has been installed the ground surface is re instated and left clean and tidy.

All access spoil are removed from site.

With a new installation, depending on the location of the soak away, there should be a 20-30 year life expectancy at a minimum. Some soak-away’s last 100 years or more.

Excavate and prepare
Filling the soak-away with shingle
Replace the turf and clean up site
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