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We were called to install a boiler in dartford by the kent loft company. The builder was converting the garage and completing a loft conversion. The property will be 5 bedrooms and 2 bathroom, the customer requested a Worcester Bosch 42cdi to cope with the hot water demand on arrival.

The customer also wanted her new combi boiler installed in the loft but after discussing with them about the time it would take to get hot water from the boiler to the tap would not be very cost efficient  so they opted to install the boiler at middle level for even distribution. By installing the boiler at middle level this meant the flue would have to be vertical, so a new flue was run from the boiler through the new walk in cupboard and through the roof. The builder was completing  a whole new tiled roof, so a weathering slate was left on the flue for the builder to tile around, and after the existing boiler was drained down a chemical flush via a manga cleanse was carried out.

While removing the old boiler the gas fitters found the gas pipe was not big enough for the new boiler so a new gas run was carried out from the meter to the boiler. The customer was an electrician so was going to earth bond the metre himself. The hot and cold pipe work was extended from the ground floor to connect to the new boiler along with the flow and returns as the existing boiler was below the new boiler the condensate pipe and safety discharge pipe was run-in a newly build stud wall to hide the view of them and terminated safely into the gutter. The gas was then tested for tightness and let by of the control valve as soon as the test was complete and passed. The boiler was then commissioned and all the appropriate tests was carried out on the flue. A gas analyser was added to the flue to print out a safety and energy report once the boiler was working correctly the benchmark book was filled out and left with the customer, gas safe and Worcester was notified for the warranty.

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