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Winter is coming, the nights are getting dark early and everyone is turning up the heating.

This is the time of year we start to get more and more calls for boiler break downs.

Boilers are not like cars as there is no legal obligation to have them MOT’d or serviced, but we do find a very high percentage of boiler break downs we go to are the ones that haven’t been serviced for years. A simple boiler service and the fitting of a magna cleanse type system will filter out the nasty sludge that builds up in the heating system.

Once this sludge reaches the boiler it can block parts inside the boiler like the heat exchanger which can be costly to repair. Sludge builds up in the heating system by means of corrosion to the inside of radiators. Flow around the system can become restricted or you will notice parts of the house not warming up or radiators only heating up to lukewarm and not getting to a good temperature to warm the intended area.

If you are suffering any of these symptoms we advise seeking professional advice from a qualified Gas safe heating engineer.

If a power flush of the system is advised it can take a couple or hours or up to a full day, some heating engineers will go around the radiators with a mechanical hammer like devise to be sure the sludge is given a little hand to move around the system. Chemicals are often used to pump round the system to cleanse all the adjoining pipe work back to the boiler.

A heating system with sludge build up through it can also cost you money in the long run, as most people will just continue to turn the heating up using more gas. If a new energy efficient boiler was in place with a magna cleanse and a recent power flush we’d estimate the cost per year in savings to be in the hundred’s.


So if your heating system is not working as it has in previous years or some radiators or rooms are not heating up like they should then it may be the case that you need a full cleaning of the system.

We strongly advise not to ignore the problem as it will only get worse and in the long run be much more costly.

Call us today for a power flush or to fit a new magna cleanse to your heating system for long term peace of mind that you’re heating will function correctly when the cold months kick in.

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