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DT Facilities were called to a blocked drain in Whitstable we found two manhole chambers full of sewage. The blockage was traced to the main interceptor to front of the property. The property had large trees running all the way along the line of the drains. The blockage was cleared and a drain camera survey was used to investigate. Root ingress was found within the drainage system, this had caused the drains to block and the customer also then found they had blocked toilets. This was all a knock on affect from the root damage in the drains. The customer agreed to have a drain root cut and on completion of the root cut we would carry out a re survey to check the extent of the damage. The drains were still in a decent condition, the roots had come through on the joints, and this can be rectified using drain lining or local structural repairs also known as patch lining. This particular job was repaired using local structural repairs as there was only two area of root damage to the drain in a 15 meter run. The home owner commented on how reasonable the cost of repair was on completion as they thought we would have to dig up the drive way.
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