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We had a call from a customer who had a gas leak in sittingbourne kent. We acted quickly and was with the customer within one hour. On arrival the gas meter was caped off by the gas supplier. Our gas engineer then tested the supply to locate the leak which was found to be on multiple  joints concealed under the floor. We then discussed with the costumer the best possible route to re run the supply. The customer was elderly and wanted the route with the least amount of access made ie taking up floor boards removing kitchen units etc. the engineer then advised the lady that the only other route would be to run the pipe work surface but a 15mm gas pipe would be visible in the kitchen the customer opted for this option as she had no heating or hot water and wanted the job carried out the most cost effected way the pipe was run at ceiling level connecting to a water heater and to a boiler the cooker was left disconnected as the appliance was deemed at risk and was issued with a warning notice as to the gas safe ‘un safe situations procedure’ then the correct safety checks was carried out on the appliances. The gas was turned on and tested every thing was working and the customer then had hot water and heating with no access having to be made keeping the damage to minimal. When the job was complete a fault with the gas meter was found as there was no electrical earth bonding at the gas meter this is only classed as not to current standards but the customer took no risks and we arranged for an electrician to attend to earth bond the gas meter that same day.
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