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We know. It doesn’t sound good does it?

However, it does happen, it’s rare but those pesky rats do manage to sneak up the drainage system into the toilet pan.

We were called out to a rat infestation in Canterbury Kent. We was amazed to find a rat had got trapped trying to come round the toilet pan. The home owner called us later on a Friday evening saying she had been let down by a company that promised her they would attend. We sent a qualified pest control engineer who happened to also be our CCTV survey drainage engineer. When he arrived he found the rats tail poking around the pan of the toilet. After removing the rat a full site survey of the inside of the property was carried out and rat droppings were found all over the loft space. It was clear there was a serious problem and we needed to get to this problem eradicated as quickly as possible. The loft space was baited with a rodenticide and the droppings all removed by the engineer:
Rat droppings - a tell tale sign

Rat droppings – a tell tale sign

The next morning the engineer returned to site to carry out a drainage CCTV camera survey to find out if the either the home owner has blocked drains or damage to the drains where the rats were entering the property. It was quickly found that the drainage system had breaks and large fractures. A drainage report and quotation was put together for the customer. The work was agreed and we carried out drain jetting to clean the drainage system then re lined various areas of the drains to cover all the cracks and fractures This particular house was up for sale and we often carry out home buyers drain cctv surveys and this is a major reason to have a survey of the drains done when investing so much money in a home

 For pest control or drain cctv surveys in Kent call the local drainage specialist

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