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Does your central heating system need to be powerflushed?

  Every home has radiators and just like every other appliance they need maintaining from time to time. To make sure your radiators work effectively, and therefore, cost as little as possible to run, they need to be power flushed.   Here, we will explore if your radiators need power flushing and more information about the service.  

Why might your heating system need a power flush?

  If you have started to notice that your radiators are not producing enough heat regardless of the temperature they are set to on the thermostat, then there’s more than likely an issue with a build up of sludge and sediment.   If there is too much sludge and sediment in your radiators then the following happens:  
  • Radiators take much longer to heat up.
  • Multiple ‘cold spots’ appear on the radiators as the sludge and sediment blocks how heat travels through the radiator panels.
  That might not sound like too much of an issue, but ineffective radiators mean that the heating has to be on for longer to produce poorer results, and that means your heating bills will go up considerably over time.   As well as reducing your heating bills by making your system more effective, power flushing your system will also increase the pump life of your central heating pump and help reduce corrosion.  Both will lead to a longer boiler life. Domestic heating system  

Choosing the right Kent Plumbers for your power flush

  At DT Facilities Kent, we have a specialist team of plumbers in Kent specialising in power flushing among other services. Unfortunately, power flushing is not something that you can do without the right specialist equipment and know how. Fortunately, at DT Facilities Kent, we have the experience, equipment, and offer our services for a great price. This is why we are a leading Kent plumbers company.  
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