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The benefits of LPG Boiler and heating installations

  LPG or liquid petroleum gas boilers are most commonly found in park homes, static caravans and other ‘unconventional’ residential properties. However, what are their benefits and should you consider one if you are thinking about replacing your boiler?     Here, we will explore more about LPG boiler installation Kent and the benefits of having an LPG boiler where you live.   LPG is better for the environment heating system   If you consider your home to be green, or you want to do more to help the environment and lower your carbon footprint, n LPG boiler could be the answer. It produces fewer harmful emissions, including less CO2, sulphur and nitrogen than a gas alternative.   LPG is more versatile   As we have already mentioned, LPG boilers are the main source of heat for static homes, caravans and holiday homes because of their versatility. They provide easily controllable and instant heat, which is why it is ideal. LPG can also be combined to work alongside renewable-energy sources.   LPG boilers are smaller and therefore more convenient LPG Boiler If you live in a home where space is an issue, then an LPG boiler may help you get back some of the space currently taken up by an alternative. Furthermore, the boilers are very quiet and require less maintenance on average than gas boilers, which makes them more economical when it comes to repairs and replacements.   While LPG boilers are mostly used in areas where there is no mains gas supply, they are an alternative to a conventional supply. However, as there are many static homes, caravans and other residents where there is no mains supply LPG is the ideal alternative.   As leading Kent plumbers with a number of quality LPG engineers in Kent, DT Facilities Kent is available to help with your installation in your home, park home or static caravan. We have plumbers in Maidstone and plumbers in Ashford, in fact, all over Kent ready to help. Our qualified plumbers in Kent can carry out LPG boiler installations as quickly, efficiently and for the best possible price.
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