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Kent notice’s increase in Mice and Rats in the home More and more home and business owners all over Kent from Maidstone to Margate and everywhere in between are noticing an increase in Mice and Rats entering their property. Called last week by a local estate agent in Canterbury we were advised an elderly couple were being kept awake at night by the sounds of scratching in the loft. We called the tenant and arranged a suitable time to attend the property to carry out a site survey. Apart from cats humans are mice or rats only predator, that means when an infestation occurs at a property it’s down to the owner of the property or a pest control company to resolve the issue and quickly. Once we have identified that rats and mice are in the home or business we put a plan in place to rid the property of the problem. At this particular job the lady on site had seen a rat in the rear garden when she was taking out her rubbish, she said “i was taking my bin out to the garden and noticed a large rat, it looked like a river rat and it had a very fat body and a long tail” We got to work in the garden and found traces of a large infestation in the area where the wheelie bins where stored. Rats are attracted to the bin area for the food waste that might spill, there was also a bird feeder and two small over hanging fruit trees that are again very attractive to rats. We baited all the areas outside and then when inside to check the loft, in the loft we found droppings everywhere. We can only assume rats have been in the loft for a while from the extent of the droppings. We baited the loft and on the customer’s request cleaned the loft space of all droppings. We are pleased to say that the problem has since cleared up and the couple have now got there garden and loft back.
Rat droppings

Rat Droppings

  Rat Droppings in loft If you have Mice and rats in the home and need a pest control company please call us for a quote or free advice  
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