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Perhaps there is nothing worse than seeing a rat in the house. Rats are unpleasant creatures in every way, and there is no way anyone would actually prefer to have them around the home. They cause all sorts of diseases and can also damage your house, sometimes beyond repair. However, if you put the problem of rats in your home or business in our hands, you will see results quickly. Many of our customers regularly tell us that they have not seen a rat ever since we visited their home or business. We plan perfect jobs, that rid the place of rats, but in an humane way. This means you won’t find a dead rat anywhere, and you’ll never see you right again.

Rather than leaving elaborate and quite violent traps lying around your home or business premises, we ensure that we use only the latest technology that allows for safe and humane removal of rats. This means quick solutions that you will hardly even notice or actually happening. We come to your premises and very quickly assess the situation and put together a plan of action. Then we take care of the situation, so that within a few days time you won’t even remember what it was like to have a rat in the home. And if you are a business, a restaurant perhaps, we will ensure that you will hardly notice us as we go about our business. Our team is incredibly discreet, and with years of experience, they can bring the perfect rat removals solution to your restaurant.



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From rodenticides to entrapment materials, we handle the whole situation quickly and efficiently.

This allows you to get on with living in your home or running your business with a minimum of disruption. At the same time you have an understanding of how to prevent rats from returning, and lots of advice to guarantee that you won’t see any more.

The latest equipment

We work discretely to get rid of rats. We are clean and efficient, so you get the rats out of your home or business without you seeing them and causing very little disruption to your business.

Rat removal in Kent

We have been getting rid of rats in Kent for businesses and home owners for years. This means that we have the latest technology and experience, as well as the best skills and knowledge, so you are guaranteed a good and effective job.


Our reputation in the local community is spotless. If you want to find out more about what people think about our work, get in touch for testimonials and references.

No more rats

After we finish, we will give you some tips and techniques to ensure that the rats do not want to return to your home or business premises.

Pest Control Kent provide a first class rat removal service. Humane, professional and discrete pest control service.

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