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DT Facilities offer a wide range of plumbing services for Kent. Our plumbers are fully qualified and experienced, we also offer 24/7 coverage. From boiler installations to general plumbing services we’re on hand to help. If you have had a leak recently in your home you will know how frustrating and annoying it can be. It can also be quite damaging too. The amount of water that can spring from one single leak can be incredible, and this can mean that you have a disaster in your home. The only way to deal with this problem is to arrange for a high quality plumbing company to visit your home and bring you the kind of support and service that ensures the leak is dealt with quickly and efficiently. This takes away the distress and worry that comes with leaks and plumbing issues. So while it can be a major nightmare, don’t worry, help is at hand.

We can repair or replace any taps, for example, that have stiffened up, or begun to drip. This is one of those annoying problems in the home that it is easy to ignore. Until, that is, the tap springs a real leak, and there is water gushing everywhere.

Affordable, quick, efficient and down-to-earth service.

We’re not salespeople so when you call us you’ll get through to one of our engineers straight away. We’ll talk you through the problem and explain how we think we can help, of course we’d like to visit you so that we can fully understand your plumbing problem. We’ll let you know what our plan of action is and how much it will cost. It’s this kind of up-front no-nonsense approach that separates us from the other Plumbers in Kent.


Our engineers are ‘gas-safe’ (corgi registered) engineers. We’ve been supporting businesses and residential customers longer than we’d care to remember!

We can also move onto bigger jobs like replacing or moving radiators, or working with LPG boilers. We can, in fact, manage any plumbing issue you have in your home, large or small.

Things are quite tough for homeowners right now, especially when it comes to money. Why not future-proof your home and it’s plumbing by having experts come in and arrange for a complete home check? It’s what we do best, and that one preventative measure can stop a whole host of problems from cropping up when you don’t need them.

The best engineers

We have the best team available, and they are high qualified, with decades of experience. They know exactly what to do with any home plumbing job and will bring you a quick and easy solution.

The quickest work

We don’t believe in wasting time, so we will be at your home quickly, and reporting verbally to you on the problem within minutes. Then, we’ll get to work, bringing you a ‘job done’ in no time.

The best reputation

We are well known in the local area for high quality work. Just ask if you want to see testimonials or references, we’d be happy to show you.

The only solution

Plumbing need not be a pain. Get in touch to find out how we can bring you the very best solution to your problem. We are the only solution you need.

DT Facilities are registered plumbers servicing the Kent and London areas.

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