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Our LPG boiler servicing, maintenance and installation services are the best in the business. With an outstanding reputation in Kent, you can be sure of a high-quality service that brings you the very best professionals and work in the local area.

While we install and repair LPG boilers on a regular basis, we also try to work to the idea that prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we offer a servicing contract that ensures that we can do regular checks on your LPG boiler to try and prevent any further issues. This brings you peace of mind with your LPG boiler, and also cuts down on costs and hassle in the years to come.

If you have an LPG boiler and are suffering from issues with it contact us and you can be sure that we will be able to come out to your home quickly, assess the situation, and bring you a working boiler within hours.


All of our LPG engineers are Gas Safe qualified. This means that you have peace of mind, with the guarantee that our engineers know exactly what to do with your LPG boiler to get it back up to speed quickly.

This is professionalism at its best, and we have decades of experience behind us. LPG boilers are complex machines. But you can rest assured that we know exactly what to do with them.

Why not get in touch with us today to find out how our experienced engineering team can bring you the best installation and repair jobs, and also the best safety checks and maintenance checks that you could possibly need.

High quality work

Our LPG boiler engineers are the best in the business. Gas Safe qualified, and with years of experience behind them, they will bring you high quality work and also talk to you like you are human beings. This means no jargon and no messing about. Just a good job.

The best equipment

Doing a good job means that you need to have the best equipment to help you. Our LPG gas engineers have vans stocked with the best equipment available. This guarantees you the best work.

A great reputation

Just ask any of our customers in the local area and they’ll tell you that our LPG engineers do an amazing job. They can’t stop talking about us in fact. Ask us for testimonials and references.

Peace of mind

With our Gas Safe qualifications and the high level of work that we do, you get a guarantee that our work is the best. We also provide a proper guarantee that lasts for a proper amount of time. Ask for more details.

All plumbers at DT Facilities are trained to install, maintain, repair and service LPG boilers.

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