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Why you might need plumbers in Kent   Are you fed up of your drainage problem and the inconvenience it creates to either your home life or work environment? Has the unpleasant and stinky atmosphere created by it become too much to handle? Well, do not fear, for DT Facilities Kent is always ready to help you out when it comes to such off-putting drainage related issues. By the quick service we offer and the dedication towards providing a comprehensive solution to your drainage problem we proudly boast one of the best drainage repair and pipe work services in and around Kent. DT Facilities Kent is a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and plumbers. We endeavor to first investigate and assess the status of the problem and then offer you a free quotation of the work required. After which we revamp your inactive drainage and pipe line to a 100% working condition. Our service includes drain lining and CCTV drain services for leaks, repairs, drain unblocking and homebuyer surveys. All at a cost effective price, we offer full drainage and plumbing services to match any other supply. Through years of experience and practical work within the industry we have discovered that most of the time, blockages in your pipelines and drainage system are due to low maintenance, subsidence ground movement or vehicle pressure, erosion by tree root, rats or old age etc. But without identifying the nature of blockade, it can be difficult to fix the problem and also stop reoccurrences. So, to find and confirm the underlining issues and specific reasons, we use highly advanced and sophisticated technology alongside our advanced techniques. Our Plumbers in Kent can carry out a CCTV drain survey first, which involves moving a small camera through your drains which checks for blockages, rats, failed pitch fiber and structural problems. During this procedure, we identify the damaged areas and source of the problem by observing the footage that is being captured by the camera in the pipelines. At the end of the survey you will receive a full report showing the layout of the system, issues and immediate concerns. Based on that survey report, we recommend you to rectify the problem with the most cost effective and efficient solution. drain equipment We are renowned as industry experts in drain cleaning, unblocking and jetting.  Whether it is excavating work or CCTV surveys we can supply a comprehensive service and give you the ultimate solution. We have all the necessary equipment needed for excavations, including mini diggers. In the case of tree roots breaching or blocking the drain, unlike outdated methods, we cut the roots from the pipe without the need for excavation, by using one of our high-powered mechanical tree root cutting machines. We also offer an extensive range non-dig repair services. We are able to fix both simple and complicated malfunctions. After diagnosing the issue and then depending upon the seriousness of the problem we can fix on site or use advanced lining techniques to repair and seal any cracks as to avoid the risk of failure or further loss of function. DT Facilities Kent is not just another option; it is the solution to your drainage and plumbing problems. We serve a wide range of customers and offer the best service for both commercial and domestic drainage problems across Kent. Our vast knowledge within the industry can also assist you in undergoing a complete assessment of your potential new home or property’s condition, so you can rest assured in full confidence all equipment is safe and in working order. We are an ISO certified company of British Standard through ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001, which makes us the reliable source for carrying out drainage repairs or replacement works. Our friendly expert team is available to assist you and provide the perfect solution. So if you are looking for a specialist who can fix your drainage problem permanently, then just pick up your phone and call us now!   If you have blocked drains in Kent contact us for your free no obligation quote
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