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We was called to this site for a rain water flood in Canterbury. The management company that called us advised us when it rains the gutter over flows.

We sent one of our drainage contractors to the site to find a huge flood in the garden area, we were unable to unblock this as the soak away was heavily silted up causing the water to back up. The following day a dig team was allocated to excavate and replace the pipe work to a new soak away which consisted of a hole of one meter by one meter by one meter and a trench from the rain water down pipe to the new soak away a new 110mm upvc drain pipe was re layer from the outlet to the soak away.

The soak away was then filled with one tone of shingle and sealed with a plastic membrane before backfilling with soil and re laying the turf the area was the made good clean and safe taking any unwanted soil away to dispose of. After the area was clean and the job was complete the soak away was tested with mains pressure from the hose pipe on site and was running away as it should be, leaving no flood in the customers garden.

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