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It’s that time of year where the rats in Canterbury start to enter people’s homes, rats will generally enter via the drainage system. At DT Facilities we know how scared someone people are of rats and put a plan of action of remove any infestation as quickly as possible. First a survey is carried out to see if we can identify where the rats are entering the property. Then a rodenticide is used in the areas where the rats have shown. This normally is the loft or garage areas where the area is mainly quiet from the home owner. Rat problems are mainly identified at night when the house is quiet and the home owner will start to hear scratching or scurrying around in the walls or loft. Once the rodent problem had been resolved at DT facilities we offer a cctv drainage survey to check the drainage system for damage or broken pipe work where the rats have accessed the property. There are not many companies that offer drainage and pest control services together. cctv-drain-survey On completing the cctv survey of the drainage system, a broken pipe was found under the kitchen floor. The rats had been coming up under the kitchen units and entering the property through the wall cavity entering the loft and having a free run of the house. A report and quote was then made available to the home owner. the work was agreed and we returned the next day to re line the drain run that was damaged. The drain was cleaned using a high pressure water jet and drain cleaning machine. No root cutting was needed as no roots had entered the drain. A liner seals the drain and comes with a 15 year guarantee on the materials.  
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