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DT Facilities were called out to a property in Canterbury where the home owner reported rats coming into the garden at night. The customer has chickens and a bird feeder in the garden, this was attracting the rats to come into the garden while it was quiet and feed on the chicken feed. A visual survey was carried out of the garden and then we sat down with the customer and ask if children would be entering the garden or will children be playing in the area. A plan was put in place to bait the garden with lockable bait boxes that would be anchored to various points around the garden, all boxes would be baited using non spill bait. This avoids any birds squirrels and any non targeted animals getting to the bait. The home owner asked where the rats were getting in, we explained we could carry out a drain cctv survey to check if any of the underground drains had fractures or breaks. The customer agreed and we jetted the drains through ready for the camera survey. On the property there was two manholes, a kitchen gully and a soil vent pipe, the camera found a broken drain under the garden that took the water from the kitchen gully. A local structural repair (patch liner) was installed to repair the damaged drain. A return appointment has been made with the customer to monitor the rat boxes until the problem has gone.
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