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Wasp in their own way believe it or not can actually help us, they do control the numbers of small insects and get rid of dead insects, but they can sting, which is painful and some people can have very bad allergic reactions to them once stung. Wasp habitat Wasp create nests in all sorts of places. In the summer months the most common place is in the loft. Keep an eye out around the guttering and under the tiles for wasps entering the loft space, Also you’ll find them creating a nest in sheds, bushes or just in a hole in a brick wall.
wasp on a nest

wasp in loft

Wasp and there food Wasp feed on mainly nectar but you will also see them around fruit, other insects or generally round a rubbish bin. The wasp that build the nest known as worker wasps feed on liquid. Young wasp feed on insect larvae. Wasp nest removal is not normally carried out first visit, the nest is treated on the first visit, then the client has the option of leaving the nest where it is, or the pest controller can return to remove the dead nest. Are wasp dangerous If stung we always advise seeking professional advice from your local GP especially if it’s a child or the elderly that have been stung. There are various types of ammonia based products you can get from your local chemist. Again seek professional advice for what’s best for you.
wasp nest in loft

wasp nest in loft

What to do if I think you have a problem with wasps if you see a lot of wasps coming in and out of your property, we advise call a professional Pest Control Company to treat the problem. If you try to tackle wasps yourself and one stings you, that wasp would release a venom containing pheromone, this causes other wasp from the same colony to become aggressive in turn making the problem worse. So killing one wasp sends out a signal to other wasps and then the problem could just get out of control. Wasp nest removal or treatments are quick and affective if carried out by a trained pest controller.
wasp nest removal


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